Committing to Do More - Duty to Serve

Duty to Serve - MH Advantage Challenge

Doing More for Manufactured Housing – Announcing MH Advantage

As part of our Duty to Serve Plan for manufactured housing, we committed to offering an enhanced mortgage loan product to support this important source of affordable homeownership.

That’s why we introduced MH Advantage, a financing option that recognizes the similarity of many manufactured homes to traditional site-built homes by offering the same conventional mortgage financing – including lower interest rates than most traditional manufactured home loans.

Learn more about MH Advantage.

Learn more about Duty to Serve below.

Every day, we work to expand access to mortgage credit and affordable housing in all areas of the U.S. And now we’re committing to do even more — in some of the toughest markets in the country.

Duty to Serve Rule

In December 2016, the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) issued the Duty to Serve Underserved Markets rule. This rule ensures that Fannie Mae continues providing leadership to facilitate a secondary market for and improve the availability of home financing for very low- to moderate-income families in three underserved markets:

  • Manufactured housing – Exploring innovative financing options for one of the largest affordable housing opportunities
  • Affordable housing preservation – Helping keep established properties available as low-cost housing alternatives
  • Rural housing – Supporting the financing of housing for targeted high-needs rural regions and populations

We are committed to addressing the challenges outlined in the Duty to Serve rule, and welcome the opportunity to do more to support underserved markets in a safe and sound manner.

Building on What We Do

Tackling tough housing challenges like those in the Duty to Serve rule is what we do best — demonstrated by all that we’re doing today to expand access to affordable housing through innovative mortgage products, tools, and resources.

For example, our HomeReady® mortgage offers low down payments and unique underwriting flexibilities. Desktop Underwriter® and Day 1 Certainty help lenders serve more home buyers with confidence. And our Multifamily programs support and sustain affordable rental housing in every market, every day.

What's Next

In January 2018, we began executing, analyzing, and testing the new approaches outlined in our Plan. We're reporting on our activities quarterly to FHFA, and it is evaluating our performance based on specified guidance available at As we move forward, we anticipate the opportunity to adjust our Plan annually to incorporate lessons learned, account for changing market conditions, or to make other appropriate adjustments.

We're excited for this opportunity to serve, and ask our partners, customers, and others to join us in making real progress to uplift underserved markets in America in a most fundamental way — providing access to a safe, affordable, sustainable home.